Student Attendance Areas Advisory Task Force

(Charge: review demographics, and examine the impact of enrollment parameters, growth, and programs on developing school attendance areas).

After an 18-month community conversation about student enrollment, the Board of Trustees at their June 15, 2017 meeting chose elementary school boundaries Option A to go into effect for the 2019-20 school year.
The new boundaries provide for the opening of the new Jose Antonio Vargas Elementary, and redistributes student enrollment among the District’s elementary schools while fulfilling the Board’s parameters of neighborhood schools, safe passage, and enrollment distribution.

The District explored enrollment priorities, which are the policies that determine how students are assigned to schools within boundaries effective in 2019-20.

The Student Enrollment Priorities Task Force met in 2017-18 to:

* To provide recommendations on how to streamline the enrollment priorities administrative regulation

* Look at best practices in enrollment that could help mitigate the impact of future growth

* Provide a recommendation on grandfathering policy to help enact the new boundaries



After many months of work, the SAATF met on April 29, 2017 and refined two boundary options for the Board to consider.

Option A (map)
Option B (map)
Option A and B map (side by side)
Current elementary school boundaries (map)
Enrollment projections (chart)

ThoughtExchange: Community in conversation

708 community members participated in this online exchange of ideas about boundaries in 2017. They shared 1,421 thoughts and assigned 34,799 stars to relevant ideas.