4315 BP- Evaluation/Supervision

Board Policy No. 4315
Policy Adopted:  September 2, 2010


The Governing Board recognizes the importance of regular and comprehensive evaluations of administrative and supervisory personnel to provide ongoing feedback for continuous improvement of employee performance.  Evaluations shall be linked to the district's vision, strategic plan, school improvement goals, professional development plan, and goals for student achievement.

Certificated Administrative and Supervisory Personnel
The Superintendent shall develop objective evaluation guidelines and standards for use in the district's evaluation system for certificated administrative and supervisory personnel. Such standards may include those of the California Professional Standards for Education Leaders as well as other standards and criteria developed by the Board and Superintendent.

Each certificated administrative and supervisory employee shall be evaluated at least every other year.  However, an employee may be evaluated at least every five years provided that he/she has been employed by the district for at least 10 years, his/her previous evaluation rated him/her as meeting or exceeding standards, and the evaluator and the employee agree to this schedule. Either the evaluator or the employee may withdraw consent for this schedule at any time.  (Education Code 44664)

Any certificated administrative and supervisory employee who is new to a position shall be evaluated each year for the first two years in the position.  Evaluation is a continuous process and may occur between scheduled periods at the request of the employee, his/her supervisor, or the Superintendent or designee.

Evaluations shall be conducted within the timelines specified in law, Board policy, and administrative regulation. The evaluation process for certificated administrative and supervisory personnel shall be the same as for other certificated instructional personnel, as detailed in AR 4115 - Evaluation/Supervision.

(cf. 4115 - Evaluation/Supervision)
(cf. 4312.1 - Contracts)

Classified Senior Management and Supervisory Employees
Classified senior management and supervisory employees shall be evaluated in accordance with the procedures developed by the Superintendent or designee and approved by the Board.

Evaluations shall be used to recognize the exemplary skills and accomplishments of classified senior management and supervisory employees and to identify areas needing improvement. When the evaluation indicates areas needing improvement, the Board expects such staff to take the initiative to improve their performance and for their supervisors to assist them in obtaining needed job skills.

The evaluation shall be dated and signed by the classified senior manager or supervisory employee and his/her supervisor.  The manager or supervisory employee may respond in writing to the evaluation within a reasonable time after receiving a copy of the evaluation.  The response shall be attached to the evaluation and placed in his/her personnel file.

Legal Reference:
33039  State guidelines for teacher evaluation procedures
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44660-44665  Evaluation and assessment of performance of certificated employees
45113  Rules and regulations for the classified service in districts not incorporating the merit system
3543.2  Scope of representation
6319  Highly qualified teachers
7801  Definition of highly qualified teacher


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