4156.2 BP - Awards and Recognition

Board Policy No. 4156.2/4256.2/4356.2
Policy Adopted:  November 4, 2010

Awards and recognition

The Governing Board values its instructional and noninstructional staff and desires to recognize their outstanding service in order to increase employee morale and encourage creative and innovative performance.

The Board encourages recognition of all staff during days of significance designated by the Board, state law, or state resolution.

The Board authorizes awards to individual employees who: (Education Code 44015)

  1. Propose procedures or ideas that result in eliminating or reducing district expenditures or improving district operations

  2. Perform special acts or services in the public interest

  3. By their superior accomplishments, make exceptional contributions to the efficiency, economy, or other improvement in district operations

As the district budget permits, the Superintendent or designee may recognize such employees by issuing service pins, certificates, plaques, and/or other mementos. In addition, he/she may recommend employees to the Board for recognition at a public Board meeting.

The Superintendent or designee shall establish procedures for the selection of individual employees to receive awards.

The Superintendent or designee may appoint one or more merit award committees consisting of Board members, district employees, and/or private citizens to review employee contributions and recommend awards.

Monetary awards to employees shall not exceed $200 unless expressly approved by the Board. (Education Code 44015)

(cf. 9140 - Board Representatives)

Legal Reference:
35160 Authority of governing boards
35160.1 Broad authority of school districts
35161 Powers and duties generally
37222.10 Days of significance, including Day of the Teacher
44015 Awards to employees
45460 Classified School Employee Week

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