4131.6 BP - Professional Development Plan

Board Policy No. 4131.6/4231.6/4331.6
Policy Adopted:  October 25, 2000

The Governing Board encourages professional development activities to be tied directly to school improvement objectives at each school as part of a comprehensive school development plan.

The Superintendent or designee shall provide schools with information about the resources which may help them to design and carry out comprehensive school development plans that are consistent with Board-established criteria. Such plans shall be developed by school-site committees and approved by the Board in accordance with law and administrative regulation.

A committee at each participating school shall design a professional development program which supports the school’s improvement objectives and provides opportunities for all school staff to strengthen their subject matter knowledge, instructional practices and support services.

The district’s professional development program shall include schools representing a diverse student population and that serve low-income and underachieving students.  (Education Code 44671)

Legal Reference:

44277 Requirements for maintenance of valid teaching credential
44670.1-44671.5 Local staff development programs
52850-52904  School plans
54720-54734  School-Based Pupil Motivation and Maintenance Program


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