4131.5 BP - Professional Growth

Certificated Personnel
Board Policy No. 4131.5
Policy Adopted:  June 26, 2000


The Governing Board recognizes its obligation to help teachers meet their responsibility for fulfilling the professional growth requirements of their credentials.  The Board expects that the increased competence attained by these teachers during their professional growth activities will contribute significantly to the district’s educational program.

The Superintendent or designee shall maintain procedures for the selection of professional growth advisors. These procedures shall be designed to provide for the best possible match between teachers and advisors.

The Board may appoint one or more professional growth panels to participate in selecting, orienting and assisting professional growth advisors. (5 CCR 80556)

The Board may appoint one or more professional growth panels to resolve disputes between teachers and professional growth advisors. (5 CCR 80556)

The Superintendent or designee shall provide the Board with recommendations for panel membership. Panels may include administrators, teachers, parents and other members of the community.

Professional growth activities shall remain in accordance with provisions of negotiated employee contracts.

Legal Reference:
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