4112.21 AR - Interns

Administrative Regulation No. 4112.21
Reviewed:  September 30, 2016


Memorandum of Understanding

Before interns employed by the district assume daily teaching responsibilities, a signed memorandum of understanding shall be in place between the district and the partner college/university detailing the support and supervision that will be provided to interns.  (5 CCR 80033)

The memorandum of understanding shall include, but not be limited to:

1.      Specific responsibilities of the program supervisor

2.      Qualifications, identification, terms of employment, roles and responsibilities, and training of individual(s) to provide on-site support to interns

3.      Allocation of additional personnel, time, and resources for interns who have not yet earned an English learner authorization

4.      Expectations regarding the type and frequency of support

5.      The process of communication between the program supervisor and on-site support personnel

6.      Documentation, monitoring, and evaluation of site support

The district may enter into an agreement to employ college/university staff to supervise interns and may pay for the supervision of interns out of district funds. Salary payments may be met by proportionately reducing the salaries of paid interns, provided that no more than eight interns are supervised by one staff member, the district salary normally paid to interns is not reduced by more than one-eighth, and the intern is not paid less than the minimum salary required by the state for a regularly certificated teacher.  (Education Code 44461-44462)

Support and Supervision of Interns

The Superintendent or designee shall collaborate with the college/university teacher preparation program to design structured guidance of interns, regular site-based support and supervision, and a sequence of supervised fieldwork that includes planned observations, consultations, reflections, and individual and small-group teaching opportunities.

Support and supervision provided to interns shall include the following: (Education Code 44830.3; 5 CCR 80033)

1.      Professional Development Plan:  The Superintendent or designee shall, in cooperation with the college/university, counsel each intern and, with the concurrence of the intern, shall develop a plan for the intern to complete the requirements to earn a credential in the content or specialty area(s) of the intern credential.

The plan shall include the components described in Education Code 44830.3,including, but not limited to, provisions for at least 120 clock hours (or the semester or quarter unit equivalent) of mandatory preservice training tailored to the grade level or class to be taught, additional instruction during the first semester or first year of service when required, and an annual evaluation of the intern.

 2.      Assignment of Mentor Teacher: Before an intern assumes daily teaching responsibilities, the Superintendent or designee shall assign him/her a mentor teacher who possesses a valid corresponding life or clear teaching credential and a minimum of three years of successful teaching experience.

The intern shall receive support from a mentor teacher who is assigned to the same school. If two or more mentor teachers are assigned to an intern, at least one of them shall be experienced in the curricular area(s) of the intern's assignment.

 3.      Support During School Year: Support and supervision shall include coaching, modeling, and demonstrating within the classroom. In addition, the intern shall receive assistance with course planning and with problem-solving regarding students, curriculum, and effective teaching methodologies.

 Such support and supervision shall be provided for a minimum of 144 hours per school year or, for late hires, four hours multiplied by the number of instructional weeks remaining in the school year.  At least two hours of support and supervision shall be provided every five instructional days.

 4.      Additional Support Addressing the Needs of English Learners:  For any intern who enters the intern program without a valid English learner authorization, bilingual authorization, or crosscultural, language, and academic development certificate, the Superintendent or designee shall identify an individual who will be immediately available to assist the intern with planning lessons that are appropriately designed and differentiated for English learners, for assessing language needs and progress, and for support of language-accessible instruction through in-classroom modeling and coaching as needed. This individual may be the same mentor identified in item #2 above, provided he/she possesses an English learner authorization and will be immediately available to assist the intern.

In addition, the district and college/university shall provide such interns with additional support and supervision, including in-classroom coaching, specific to the needs of English learners. Such support and supervision shall be provided for 45 hours per school year or, for late hires, five hours multiplied by the number of months remaining in the school year.

An intern who passes the California Teaching English Learners examinations may be exempted from these requirements.

Early Completion Option

The Superintendent or designee shall inform qualified interns preparing for a multiple or single subject credential of the early completion option which allows them to challenge certain requirements of the intern program in areas where they have demonstrated competence.

In order to complete the intern program early and be recommended for a preliminary credential, candidates shall meet all requirements of the intern credential and the additional assessments and coursework specified in Education Code 44468.


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