3260 BP - Fees and Charges

Business and Noninstructional Operations
Board Policy No. 3260
Policy Approved:  August 22, 2019
Revised: May 30, 2024


The Governing Board recognizes its responsibility to ensure that books, materials, equipment, supplies, and other resources necessary for students’ participation in the educational program are made available to students at no cost.

No student shall be required to pay a fee, deposit, or other charge for participation in an educational activity which constitutes an integral fundamental part of the District’s educational program, including curricular and extracurricular activities. (Education Code 49010, 49011; 5 CCR 350)

As necessary, the Board may approve fees, deposits, and other charges which are specifically authorized by law. When approving such fees, deposits, or charges, establishing fee schedules, or determining whether waivers or exceptions should be granted, the Board shall consider relevant data, including the socioeconomic conditions of students’ families and their ability to pay.

The prohibition against student fees shall not prevent the District from soliciting for donations, conducting fundraising activities, or providing prizes or other recognition for participants in such activities and events. The Superintendent or designee shall emphasize that participation of students, parents/guardians, district employees, volunteers, or educational or civic organizations in such activities and events is voluntary. The District shall not offer or award to a student any course credit or privileges related to educational activities in exchange for voluntary donations or participation in fundraising activities by or on behalf of the student. The district also shall not remove, or threaten to remove a student any course credit or privileges related to educational activities, or otherwise discriminate against the student, due to a lack of voluntary donations or participation in fundraising activities by or on behalf of the student.

The Superintendent or designee may provide information or professional development opportunities to administrators, teachers, and other personnel regarding permissible fees.

A complaint alleging district noncompliance with the prohibition against requiring student fees, deposits, or other charges shall be filed in accordance with the district's procedures in BP/AR 1312.3 - Uniform Complaint Procedures. (Education Code 49013)

If, upon investigation, the district finds merit in the complaint, the Superintendent or designee shall recommend and the Board shall adopt an appropriate remedy to be provided to all affected students and parents/guardians in accordance with 5 CCR 4600.

Information related to the prohibition against requiring students to pay fees for participation in an educational activity shall be included in the District's annual notification of uniform complaint procedures to be provided to all students, parents/guardians, employees, and other interested parties pursuant to 5 CCR 4622. (Education Code 49013)

Collection of Debt
The Superintendent or designee shall, in accordance with law, recover any debt owed to the district as a result of unpaid permissible student fees approved by the Board. However, the district shall not bill a current or former student for accumulated debt, nor take negative action against a student or former student because of such debt, including, but not limited to, any of the following: (Education Code 49014)
1. Denying full credit for any class assignment

2. Denying full and equal participation in any classroom activity

3. Denying access to the library or other on-campus educational facilities

4. Denying or withholding grades or transcripts

5. Denying or withholding a diploma

6. Limiting or barring participation in an extracurricular activity, club, or sport

7. Limiting or excluding the student from participation in an educational activity, field trip, or school ceremony

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