Crittenden Middle construction

2020-21 Construction Projects

(Funded by Measure T)
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Click here for a postcard describing Crittenden's projects

Click here for a postcard describing Crittenden's projects (Spanish/español)

Measure T, the $259 million bond issue passed in 2020, included plans for a variety of projects that will increase safety, efficiency and provide for short-term growth at our schools. 

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Replacement and improvements of HVAC equipment is scheduled for summer 2022. Our schools’ HVAC systems have been updated to include MERV-13 filters, which is the highest-grade filter available for our units, or air purifiers with filtration ratings at least as high as the MERV-13.   Additionally dampers on all of our units are open to full capacity and will pull in outside air.
Improving perimeter fencing and adding gates to completely enclose campus and fields in order to secure campuses and make COVID screening more efficient. Fencing and gates would be ornamental metal to match existing at campus frontage and 6’ high chain link fencing and gates at property lines and back of campus.  The construction timeline for this project is Summer 2021.

The purpose of fencing is to control points of entry during school hours. It’s important to note that the public will have access to fields outside school hours. The intention is to secure campuses when students are present, and have gates open through a lock management system in the evenings and on weekends. 

Crittenden will get new six- foot ornamental metal gates on either side of the building 700 campus entrances, at the office building and at the Middlefield entrance to campus near the sports center. New chain link fencing at the Permanente Creek Trail side campus entrance.

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Solar work will take place in summer of 2022 due to rooftop arrays needing DSA approval. Some non-heritage trees will have to be removed to make way for the arrays, but MVWSD will replant two native trees for every one removed.

New lights and/or bollard style light posts to illuminate pedestrians’ path of travel between campus and parking lots will be added. The areas of need are determined by photometric data. This additional lighting is an important safety measure for staff members and guests using the campus in the evenings and winter late afternoons. Project start: Fall 2021

Security cameras 
One of the projects identified in the Mountain View Whisman School District's Master Facility Plan and the Measure T Bond was the need for security cameras in public areas at all school sites as a way to increase safety for students and staff members by deterring misconduct and preventing vandalism. Members of the schools’ communities will engage in a series of feedback meetings through Jan. 2022 before the plan for security cameras is finalized.

Marquee Installation
The project consists of installation of the sign at the Middlefield Rd entrance as well as boring for conduit installation from new sign location. Project took place from late May to July 2021. Click here for a graphic of the sign.

Window Replacement
The District will replace existing, older single pane windows at Crittenden in 2022.

2017-19 New Innovation Center, Auditorium, Track & Field

(Funded by Measure G)

Summer 2019
This summer, Crittenden will begin a deferred maintenance re-roofing project. The covered walkways get new roofing, and some other buildings have various repairs.

One District-owned portable classroom were refreshed in Summer 2019, meaning they have new paint, carpet and whiteboards.

The school has a new sign in the front. This sign, paid for with Measure G funds, will include accurate school and district names. Funding for construction and capital improvements, like school signs, come from restricted funds that can be used only for that purpose. The District used an innovative approach to piggyback on existing, competitive local government contracts to lower the sign cost and expedite installation.

Completed projects:

New Library/Classroom Building complete in May 2017

New auditorium complete in May 2017

Permanente Creek Trail extension project (funded by the City of Mountain View) complete in 2018

New track and field complete in 2018

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